An augmentation plan is a court-approved plan designed to protect existing water rights by replacing ground water used by well pumping.  Augmentation plans are usually required in areas where there is a shortage of water during part or all of the year.   For more information about augmentation plans, go to the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR) web site at http://water.state.co.us.  

The DWR requires all wells in Saddle Mountain Heights Filings 1, 2 and 3, Deerview, and Saddle Mountain Ranch Filing 4, Units 1 and 2 be covered by an augmentation plan.  Saddle Mountain Mutual Water Company, or SMMWC, is a nonprofit mutual ditch and water company that manages the augmentation plan for these subdivisions. 

The current augmentation plan covers the following properties in Water Division 2 (Arkansas River Basin):

  • Saddle Mountain Heights Filing 1, all lots
  • Saddle Mountain Heights Filing 2, Lots 428-443, 531-556, 587-630, 569-572, 582, 666-668
  • Saddle Mountain Heights Filing 3, all lots
  • Deerview, all lots
  • Saddle Mountain Ranch Filing 4, Units 1 and 2, all lots

Saddle Mountain Heights Filing 2 also has the following lots that are in Water Division 1 (South Platte River Basin):   444-530, 557-568, 573-581, 583-586, 631-665, 669-670.  These lots are not covered by SMMWC's augmentation plan.    HASP (Headwaters Authority of the South Platte) www.haspwater.com has an augmentation plan in place for Water Division 1.

All augmentation plans are required by the DWR to report the amount of water used by their members either annually, quarterly, or monthly.   SMMWC shareholders are required to report all water usage annually to ensure the company's shareholders are not exceeding the amount of water decreed by SMMWC's plan and to protect more senior water rights.  The DWR requires a meter on all wells covered under the augmentation plan and meter readings must be reported to the company Secretary annually.   

Meter readings are only for the purpose of reporting water consumption and replacement requirements to the State.  Meter readings are not used to charge fees for water usage and SMMWC does not charge its shareholders for the amount of water used.