If you purchased or are thinking about purchasing a lot in Saddle Mountain Heights Filings 1, 2, or 3, Deerview, or Saddle Mountain Ranch, Filing 4, Units 1 or 2 your well is required by the Colorado Division of Water Resources to be backed by an augmentation plan to cover well pumping depletions.   Water augmentation is required by the DWR whether the well exist already or if you are planning on drilling a new well on a lot. 

When you join SMMWC, you will receive a stock certificate representing a share in the company and its augmentation plan.  The share is an interest in the water rights of the company and validates your entitlement for augmentation water.  If you are planning to drill a new well, a copy of the share certificate is required to be submitted to the DWR along with your well permit application.  If you are purchasing a property with an existing well, the existing certificate should be transferred to you at the time of the sale of the property.  You will then need to contact the company and submit the existing share certificate and other documentation in order to have a new certificate issued in your name for the well.  The fees for purchasing a new share or transferring an existing share are shown below.
**NOTE:  The DWR has its own fees for issuing new permits.

Only property owners in the listed subdivisions can own shares in SMMWC.  SMMWC does not provide augmentation water for other subdivisions outside our service area.  Shareholders must agree to the terms and conditions in the company's Shareholder Agreement, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, and the augmentation plan.   All share transactions are approved by the Board of Directors. 

The company has shares available for household use only and a limited number of shares are available for livestock watering on a first-come, first-served basis.  One-half share of stock will entitle you to water one horse or horse-equivalent.  Landscape watering and other outside uses are not permitted under the SMMWC plan. 

Contact us at if you have questions, to request copies of documents, or to obtain additional information about becoming a member.